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Bridge Captain 6, the computer bridge game that will help you get to the next level.

Bridge Captain 6 - Now Free

After selling Bridge Captain for many years, I've retired from selling programs and decided to give this program away. There are a few newer programs available that can bid and play a bit better, but Bridge Captain still is a FUN program that works quite well. I'm sure you'll enjoy many hours playing this desktop bridge game, as have the thousands of customers over the last decade. If you want to brush up on some of the new conventions, this is a great program.

Download your copy of Bridge Captain and start playing computer bridge. Whether your favorite bidding system is Goren, Standard American, SAYC, 2/1, K-S, Precision Club, or even Blue Team Club, you’ll find Bridge Captain to be the most fun computer bridge game available. Haven’t played our favorite card game in awhile, get back into the game with Bridge Captain?

This is the perfect computer game to polish up your game and learn some of the new conventions now being played at most bridge tournaments. Bridge Captain 6 offers more bidding systems and conventions than any other computer bridge game. It runs under all  Windows operating systems since Win95. Download this free program for your PC and start playing contract bridge today.

Please look at all the features Bridge Captain 6 offers:

  • Choose from hundreds of conventions
  • Compete against the experts on International tournament hands
  • Play unlimited random hands
  • Enjoy easy to read, uncluttered screen graphics
  • Add your own systems and conventions!
  • Works on all Windows PCs since Windows 95

Download your free copy of Bridge Captain 6 today, and start having fun with bridge.

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