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Double Dummy Solver 12

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12.96e  A new option provides more space for the west hand. Formerly there was not enough room to display a suit with 10 or more cards.This version also corrects some problems with the Letter card style and also Undo trick.

12.96b  This version cleans up a problem with Swedish duplicate games and also does a better job of displaying West's cards when holding a long suit.

12.96  It's been almost 2 months since the last update. This version adds a new capability to the Filter feature. It is now possible to filter deals based upon LTC: either Opener's, Responder's, or the combined LTC for the declaring side. On the main menu of the Filter screen, click on Points and select from among TP, K-R, HCP, or LTC.

12.95  A new feature in the Custom Dealer screen now provides for swapping two hands with one click. The Filter Screen now correctly indicates DD and non-DD opening leads. Sub versions a and b fix two bugs.

12.94j  DDS now processes the complete file even when there is an error in one or more deals. Several changes made to handle Swedish online tournaments.

12.94d  New Filter feature added. In the indicated screens, you can now filter on Total Points and K-R as well as HCP. A bug in Custom Dealer was fixed.

12.94c  This version includes a different card back for the Old Cards. It also fixes a problem creating PBN files. Formerly DDS did not correctly create deals that had ten or more alerts. It wrote them out of order.

12.94  There were a few problems with the new cards that were introduced in the last version of DDS. I'm sure you will find this a much

better version. All four card styles have been improved: Old cards, New Cards, Symbols, and Letters. In general, the New Cards will look best if you have Zoomed the program (using the Ctrl + feature) to at least 140%. Hover your mouse over the Date (upper left corner of the screen) to see the current DDS zoom percentage. Each Ctrl plus/minus increases/decreases it by 10%.

Many thanks to Jacob who has completed the Danish translations. Tusind tak.

12.93  For several years I've been unhappy with the look of the cards in DDS. As I hope you know, you can change the size of all objects on any DDS screen by clicking Ctrl + to increase or Ctrl - to decrease. If you increase the size of all objects, the cards would get bigger but also more "jaggedy" and pixelated. There is now a new option that lets you select higher resolution cards that will have far less pixelation. I'm thinking of removing the old style cards in a month. If you want me to retain them please send me an email.

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About DDS 12

Translations are handled with the Poedit system. I still need help with translations for a few languages to include the new words and phrases in this version. Please contact me (bob at uselessbay dot us) if you are willing to help with some translating.

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Languages now supported by
DD Solver

Bulgarian **
Chinese **
Dutch **
English **
Finnish *
German **
Hungarian **
Italian **
Norwegian *
Romanian **
Russian **
Swedish **

*   Updated for through Version 12.33
** Updated for through Version 12.50

Please contact me at bob at uselessbay dot us if you are willing to add a new language, or offer corrections to one of these languages.

If you only want to download the Double Dummy DLL, see Bo Haglund's web site.