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Version 11.85

11.85 Bug fixed for downloading tinyURL hands from BBO.

11.84 Now capable of reading BBO lesson hands in LIN files..

11.83 This version corrects the same bug for LIN files that was fixed in 11.82 when downloading BBO hands.

11.82 Bug encountered when downloading BBO hands has been fixed.

11.81 Now both .PBN and .SQL files are saved directly from the Custom Dealer screen.

11.80 Board numbers for deals downloaded from BBO with versions 11.79 and higher will now reflect the actual number that appeared on screen when the deal was played. Formerly, board number was merely the sequence number of deals played during the day.

11.78 Formerly, if the input file did not have player names there was no capabiity to designate a "Fixed Player". With this new version you can now designate which seat will be sitting at the bottom of the screen. In the Option Screen, enter the desired seat (North, East, South, or West - English only) as the Fixed Player's name. Assuming there is no player with that name, the apropriate seat will be at the bottom of the screen.

11.77 Minor bug corrected when displaying Change Contract.

11.76 A few bugs corrected on downloaded files.

11.75 Pressing the <Enter> key will no longer play the next card. Press the period or the "P" key instead. Please see the User's Guide for futher clarification. Problem fixed with European decimal separators.

11.74 Norwegian translations finished. Thank you Rolf.

11.73 You can now change the Fixed Player in Common Game results to anyone who played. Be sure to format the name the same way - with periods.

11.72 Norwegian translations added and corrected.

11.71a Comment %ACBL_Name on BridgeComposer PBN files is now recognized as the DDS FixedPlayer.

11.71 New feature. The duplicate board in the upper left corner now aligns horizontally if N-S are sitting on the left and right sides of the table. Thank you David for this idea.

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* Updated for through Version 10.00

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