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Double Dummy Solver 12

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Mac users -DDS works geat with Crossover and Parallels

Linux users -DDS works perfectly with Wine

Download DD Solver Version 12.21a

12.21a Bug fixed when trying to download BBO hands when no hands were played in the period.

12.21 Several formatting bugs cleaned up.

12.20 Bug fixed when calculating tricks made on ACBL Live results.

12.19 Bug downloading BBO results fixed. Norwegian translations added.

12.18 New feature - Downloads from ACBL Live are now possible. Get your National, Regional, and/or Sectional results downloaded into a DDS data file (.sql). In this manner you will be able to accumulate a database of tournament results and more profitably utilize the many features of the Filter reports. This feature is described more fully in the User's Help Guide.

12.17a & b Only translation changes. Thank you George for Bulgarian translations.

12.17 New ACBL Live download feature. Updated Dutch and Norwegian translations. Thank you Richard and Rolf.

12.16 The actual card played to a trick is now framed in lime-green.

About DDS 12

Double Dummy Solver 12 represent a complete rewrite of earlier versions of DDS - resulting in much faster, flicker-free operation. Of course there are some new screens, new options, new features, and new colors.

Translations are handled with the Poedit system. I need help with translations for almost all languages to include the new words and phrases in this version. Please contact me (bob at uselessbay dot us) if you are willing to help with some translating.

If you like this free program, please send a donation.


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DD Solver Screen Shot

Languages now supported by
DD Solver

Bulgarian *
Chinese *
Dutch *
English *
Italian *
Norwegian *
Swedish *

* Updated for through Version 12.00

Please contact me at bob at uselessbay dot us if you are willing to add a new language, or offer corrections to one of these languages.

If you only want to download the Double Dummy DLL, see Bo Haglund's web site.