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Double Dummy Solver 12

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Linux users -DDS works perfectly with Wine

Download DD Solver Version 12.75

12.75 Bug fix when reading some bridge files.

12.74 When creating PBN files: leading white spaces in tags have been eliminated and files with only one game no longer use the ## inherited value technique. Some updates to Hungarian translated have been completed.

12.73 An error in parsing results downloaded from BBO has been corrected. NOTE: Recently BBO has occasionally been overwhelmed with the number of users. As a result, downloading results from BBO may sometimes fail. Be patient and try again later.

12.72 The ability to edit alerts has been improved plus some more translations.

12.71 This version includes updated translations for Hungarian, German, and Swedish. Thank you very much Zoltan.

12.70 DDS now handles Windows folders and filenames that include Unicode letters like ลก.

12.69 This version corrects problems encountered when reading PBN files created by Jannersten's BOS program.

12.68 A few enhancements to the Total Score Table, ideal for viewing results from your duplicate club. Bulgarian and Swedish translations completed.

12.67 A few enhancements, especially for MP results. Please email me if you can provide some translations.

12.66 Finally fixed bug in saving spreadsheet files from the Print Deals feature.

GDPR Requirements

Double Dummy Solver does not collect, and will never collect, any personal information of any kind. Your privacy is assured when visiting this web site, downloading or running any program obtained from this web site.

About DDS 12

Translations are handled with the Poedit system. I still need help with translations for a few languages to include the new words and phrases in this version. Please contact me (bob at uselessbay dot us) if you are willing to help with some translating.

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Languages now supported by
DD Solver

Bulgarian **
Chinese *
Dutch **
English **
Finnish *
German **
Hungarian *
Italian **
Norwegian *
Romanian **
Russian **
Swedish **

*   Updated for through Version 12.33
** Updated for through Version 12.50

Please contact me at bob at uselessbay dot us if you are willing to add a new language, or offer corrections to one of these languages.

If you only want to download the Double Dummy DLL, see Bo Haglund's web site.