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Double Dummy Solver 12

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Mac users -DDS works great with Crossover and Parallels

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Download DD Solver Version 12.53a

12.53 Bugs fixed on the Par Results filter and also the "Show DD Tricks" feature.

12.52 A few bugs fixed. Many thanks to Mircea for all the Romanian translations.

12.51 Progress bar continues on very long DD calculations.

12.50 Minor bugs corrected. I'm still looking for improvements in translations. The table at the lower right corner of this web page shows the languages where I need help - those languages without two *.

12.49 Russian translations have been completed. Thank you very much Dmitry.

12.48 This version corrects a few bugs.

12.47 German language completely translated - thank you Stefan. A few bugs cleaned up. New icons added to the menu.

12.46 Bugs fixed concerning Change Contract and setting the bottom player to north, east, south, or west - as opposed to a fixed named player.

12.45 A few minor issues were cleaned up in this version as well as improvements to the User Guide. Many thanks to Gigi for completing all the Italian translations. Also to Lars who completed the Swedish translations.

12.44 This new version of DDS includes many great improvements to the Filter feature, especially concerning Opening  Leads and DD Bidding. As always, the Filter feature works best when you have accumulated a large database of deals. The easiest way to get that large database is to open multiple files into one file: Click Open File, hold down the <Ctrl> key and click on all the files you want to include - typically they would be hands played by the same player.

This version has also been translated in Bulgarian. Thank you George.

Opening Leads

Here are some of the ways you can filter your results based upon the Opening Lead.

DD Bidding

Bridge players are aware of Double Dummy (DD) Play analysis on a hand, and also the concept of the "Par Result".  The key point is that DD analysis, unlike "real" bridge, makes its calculations after looking at all 52 cards. Despite the flaws of DD bridge, many feel that it can provide valuable insight into improving one's game.

Double Dummy Solver has taken this idea one step further by introducing the concept of DD Bidding analysis. Did we overbid, miss a sacrifice, or perhaps wrong-side a contract; i.e. declare from the wrong side of the table. This analysis is unaffected by the play of the hand.

Based upon the final contract and DD analysis, DDS classifies the bidding on every deal into 23 different categories, shown on the right.

The DD Bidding classification for each hand can be seen on the Scoreboard and also in the bottom-right corner of the main screen. More explanations about DD Bidding can be found in the User Guide.

Many thanks to Bob Cohen for all his tireless help in debugging this complicated feature.

GDPR Information

Double Dummy Solver does not collect, and will never collect, any personal information of any kind. Your privacy is assured when visiting this web site, downloading or running any program obtained from this web site.

About DDS 12

Translations are handled with the Poedit system. I still need help with translations for a few languages to include the new words and phrases in this version. Please contact me (bob at uselessbay dot us) if you are willing to help with some translating.

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Languages now supported by
DD Solver

Bulgarian **
Chinese *
Dutch **
English **
Finnish *
German **
Hungarian *
Italian **
Norwegian *
Russian **
Swedish **

*   Updated for through Version 12.33
** Updated for through Version 12.50

Please contact me at bob at uselessbay dot us if you are willing to add a new language, or offer corrections to one of these languages.

If you only want to download the Double Dummy DLL, see Bo Haglund's web site.