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Double Dummy Solver 12

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12.92e  The Total Score Table is once again sortable by clicking on column headers.

12.92d  Problem fixed when creating a PBN file with more than 9 bidding notes or alerts.

12.92b  There is now an option to including the month name in the file name of the BBO period downloaded.

12.92a  Should now have the correct date on downloaded file names for time zones east of GMT.

12.92  Time Zones east of GMT should now have the correct date on downloaded file names. Also problems solved when changing the Fixed Player.

12.91 I have removed the lower half of the Downloads screen which is no longer appropriate. Hopefully I will be able to included something similar when in person bridge games are resumed. I've added a "Yesterday" period which I find useful. This version corrects the file name for the Today download. Although the data was correct, the file name was off a day for those living in time zones east of Greenwich.

12.90N Still working on BBO download periods. This version adjusts for your time zone.

12.90M Corrections made to download periods. The "24 Hour" option has been replaced with "Today".  All periods should end with midnight of your local time.

12.90L Still making changes for reading LIN files.

12.90k Changes made for reading LIN files.

12.90g Changes made for parsing BBO LIN files with team games.

12.90f Changes made for downloading problem hands from Double Dummy Corner.

12.90e Fixes problem with DD Play button and also fixes problem downloading October and earlier deals. Double Dummy Corner hands can now be pasted into Custom Deals.

12.90 Next & Prior deal buttons now working correctly. Funbridge files now correctly handle Bye Tables. Thank you Lars for completing all the Swedish translations.

12.89 Some corrections to the Custom Hand feature. Thank you Lénárt for updated Hungarian translations.

12.88c Corrected some problems with Funbridge.

12.88 Many improvements primarily downloading and displaying Team Scores.

Many users have experienced problems downloading results from BBO - probably due to download speeds. The error occurs when you try to save the file before it has been completely downloaded. After clicking Get Results DDS starts downloading an HTML file called BBO.ddb to your Downloads folder. In the bottom left corner of your browser you should see this:

with a blue circle around "BBO.ddb". If that circle appears to be moving around, it indicates that the downloading process has not completed. Do not click on the Save button in the Save file as... dialog box until the movement stops, a few seconds after you've clicked Get Results.

If you happen to click prematurely, and get the error message, you can either:

  1. Go to File -> Open BBO.ddb file in the main menu and click on the BBO.ddb file in your Downloads folder, OR
  2. Try again, making sure to wait until the blue circle has stopped moving.

GDPR Requirements

Double Dummy Solver does not collect, and will never collect, any personal information of any kind. Your privacy is assured when visiting this web site, downloading or running any program obtained from this web site.

About DDS 12

Translations are handled with the Poedit system. I still need help with translations for a few languages to include the new words and phrases in this version. Please contact me (bob at uselessbay dot us) if you are willing to help with some translating.

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Languages now supported by
DD Solver

Bulgarian **
Chinese **
Dutch **
English **
Finnish *
German **
Hungarian **
Italian **
Norwegian *
Romanian **
Russian **
Swedish **

*   Updated for through Version 12.33
** Updated for through Version 12.50

Please contact me at bob at uselessbay dot us if you are willing to add a new language, or offer corrections to one of these languages.

If you only want to download the Double Dummy DLL, see Bo Haglund's web site.