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4.08 New Feature: Along with the percentage of hands that will be set and the average number of tricks to be taken with each possible opening lead, Lead Captain now shows the probability of each card being a double dummy-perfect lead. Thank you Stephen in California for this idea.

4.07 The Compare Bids tab now shows results vs. the Par score as well as the Results vs. the "A Contract".

4.06 Starting random number now varies with each start of the program. Print bug fixed.

4.03 The Compare Bid tab was incorrectly using the "X if-2" selection from the Invite Bid tab. Also includes a few new Chinese translations. Thank you Li.

4.02 Corrected problems with European decimal separator.

4.01 Translations for Chinese and Dutch. Thank you Peter and Ton.

Lead Captain is two programs in one

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General Approach

Lead Captain generates millions of totally random hands to find hands that fit your criteria, then uses double dummy analysis to determine the results of those hands. The better you have defined the hand patterns that fit your problem, the better your results. Generally 2,000 or more hands are needed to obtain statistically meaningful answers. Whether you are trying to answer an opening lead question or a bidding decision, the general procedure with Lead Captain is the same:
  1. Fill in all 13 cards for the South hand. In bidding decisions, you can also define a pattern for South in lieu of all 13 cards.
  2. Define the other three hands. Up to 50 different patterns are allowed for each hand.
  3. Fill in the desired number of deals in your study.
  4. Click the Leads or the Create Deals button.

When you click the Create Deals button, Lead Captain shuffles, deals, and then determines if the criteria you've set for all hands have been met. If not, the cards are randomly shuffled again and the resulting deal is retested.

If the deal meets all hand definitions Lead Captain then uses Bo Haglund's double dummy engine to determine the optimum double dummy result, stores that information for subsequent reporting, and then returns to shuffle the cards once again.

In a simple test, Lead Captain my shuffle the deck one million times to find 5,000 hands that fit your definitions. Depending on the number of patterns to be tested, it takes approximately 10 seconds for Lead Captain to shuffle and deal 1 million hands. It takes the double dummy engine roughly two minutes to make it's calculations on those 5,000 hands.

Download the Lead Captain help file for a more detailed description of the latest version of the program, and all its features.