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About Us

I began writing a bridge program in 1990 as my wife Candace and I sailed our cutter across the Pacific. This project moved from pastime to obsession somewhere between Mexico and the Marquesas. During the long passages at sea, Candace began looking for something to read. Since most of the books onboard were about bridge, she started reading them and playing my program. Soon, my program became the second mate on board, a source of enjoyment and learning for both of us, and it was duly named BridgeMate. In recognition of the maturity and added improvements in the program, the program's name was promoted to Bridge Captain.

Bridge Captain has come a long way since those early years when it was first written on an 8088 laptop computer. In 2006 I decided to make Bridge Captain free about the same time I started writing Double Dummy Solver. Since then I have written Lead Captain and most recently Word Captain, all free programs.

Screens are now more far attractive compared with 1992's Version 1, a text-based DOS program, to Version 4, a 32-bit program designed for Windows 95 and later operating systems.

However you use Bridge Captain or any of the other programs available on this web site, have fun.