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System Documenter


Have you ever wanted a convenient tool to document the agreements you and your partner have hammered out? Here's a good one - and its FREE.

This is an editing tool for you to define your agreements with your partner. Save your file to Dropbox or similar cloud storage so that you and your partner can both work on the same file.

You can have a separate file for each convention and/or agreement. System Documenter uses the familiar treeview approach where you can expand or collapse any node. Here's a screen shot of the sample "1 NT Demo" file that is included in the download.

Download System Documenter setup file (1.22 MB)


  • To show suit symbols - put an ! before a suit letter.
  • To highlight a line in yellow, press <Ctrl>Y. Red and green highlights also available.
  • Print capabilities
  • Small fast files


Download System Documenter setup file (1.22 MB)