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Bridge hand with 13 cards


Here are some of Bridge Captain's fabulous fun features:

Conventions Choose from more than 300 Conventions - so you and your Bridge Captain partner can play just the way you want.
NT Options Bridge Captain really shines in NT situations. Defending against an opening 1NT, there are TEN different approaches available - everything from Astro to Woolsey. Complete freedom of choice is available for the side opening or overcalling 1NT. Make sure you look at all of the possibilities.
Tournaments Take on the pros! Thousands of International Tournament hands, including all major tournaments from 1996 to 2003, are included on the CD.
Match Play Play a Match. See if you're in sync with your partner!
Custom Hands Set up Custom Hands. Discover the numerous ways to use this feature.
Practice Hands Practice, practice, practice.
Add Conventions Create your own conventions. The sky's the limit, and your Bridge Captain partner will always remember.
Analysis Analyze your game. What are it's strengths and weaknesses.

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