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Word Captain

Version 2.15

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Word Captain now includes two popular word games, similar to Spelling Bee and Wordle as popularized by the New York Times. In Word Captain's "WordMate" the goal is to make as many words as possible, just using the seven letters provided. Each word must be at least 4 letters long and also contain the center letter. In "My Word!" you try to discover the secrete five letter word. See sample games below.

Both games in Word Captain have several nice features and options.

  • Playable in seven different languages: Danish, English, French, German, Italian, Spanish, and Swedish.
  • Click on a word, either on the main screen or the Answers, to see a definition of that word
  • Answers always just a click away . . . if you want to peek :)
  • Timer - if you're so inclined
  • History of all the games you've played
  • Unlimited number of games
  • Ability to enter specific letters for a WordMate game.
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WordMate in English

My Word! in English

Languages now supported by
Word Captain


Please contact me at bob at uselessbay dot us if you are willing to improve on the translatons.