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Create your own Conventions

With Bridge Captain you can easily modify the meaning for any existing convention, add your own conventions, and even add a completely new bidding system. In all cases this can be accomplished with the Bid Definition Box. When it's your turn to bid, and you click the Hint button to see what Bridge Captain thinks the correct bid is, or you click the Test button to see what another bid would mean, the Bid Definition Box appears with the parameters of that bid. You can then change the definition and click Save. That's it!

In this example, the user had selected to play DONT verses a strong NT opening. This is the first definition of three possible meanings for the bid, the others being clubs and hearts, or clubs and diamonds. The "Or" buttons move you to other meanings for the same bid. The drop down menu under "Codes" leads to many tables with various codes you might use. See below for some of the many point codes. In this example, the "!59" under Other Bid Information indicates the Alert Code for "D.O.N.T. 2 Suiter."